About Me...
Quick Facts...
Joe Cullen

22 December 1985

HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL and Javascript

3DS Max, ProDesktop and Photoshop

C++ and Visual Basic

Three years computer fault finding, website maintinence and coding. Self taught HTML5, CSS3. PHP and MySQL. Degree in Computer Science.

Building portfolio of work. Offering free web design.


In Detail...
Joe is an Essex based web designer who has three years of professional web design experience gained whilst working at Airflights, a local company specialising in air travel and holiday deals. During his time there Joe became proficient at using ASP.net, PHP (advanced coding languages) and SQL (database language), whilst self-teaching HTML, CSS, Visual Basic and Photoshop.

His role in Airflights was not purely web design focused and also involved maintaining websites and implementing updates and he has a wide range of experience including building and modifying computers, de-bugging, software installation and troubleshooting.

After leaving Airflights Joe decided to re-enter education and is currently waiting for the start date of his Open University Computer Science degree. This decision stems from his desire to broaden his web design knowledge, as well as his understanding of complex computer functions.

Joe is currently offering free web design for a limited period and invites any interested parties to email him with details for his consideration.